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Companionship Service

An escort gives companionship and time to the person who gifts for her service. There may or may not be any sex involved. The escort will accompany the client to different places. She will talk to the client, have dinner with him at expensive restaurants, stay at luxury hotels or even fly abroad for holiday. Escorts are well groomed and they are made to look like well-bred women to be part of the high society As an escort, I am educated and well-trained. I know the high-class etiquettes and so I can easily adjust to the luxurious lifestyle I am groomed to accompany high profile people and be able to mix well in social gatherings. At some moments i will be like a girlfriend and provide the intimacy and needs that a man wants as a lover. And at some moments i will be the dominant mistress you most needed.

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My Trans Girl Life My name is Luly. I’m a Trans girl. Born In a humble city in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. My city is the second biggest city in the hole state, and also one of the most violent ones.

My Trans Girl Life

    It didn’t take much for me to realize I was a trans woman. Since I was born, I always knew I was special, that something was different in me, in my mind, in my heart. During my childhood,  I was very popular between friends and other kids. I was a leader in the school, part of the band also made part of the church choir.
    My transition started around 17 -18  years old, and after I started to change, and many things also changed with it. But Many things changed when society started to see the special things I knew I had in me. Because of this transition, I lost family and friends’ friendship. People started to see me not as special as I was still seeing myself, and also treated me different, even though I was still the same person.
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