Trans Woman – Sex in the Bathroom

Getting ready to work

As a lovely trans woman, I feelt soo good this day. This was me getting ready to work as a camgirl.

I just wish I had someone to make me totally hard before I  went online.
My black cock loves a hot mouth around it. Gagging on me, sucking me till my balls touch the chin. Turns me on! It gets me hard just thinking about it.

But all my plans of working online this day got changed by my CD friend (crossdresser) who invited me for a dinner at a nice restaurant.

Arriving at the restaurant

For a Trans Woman is a common thing to enter a room and become the center of the attention. Not only for the fact that we are glorious and gorgeous beings, beyond our existence. Also, the fact that we are taught that we have to look even better always.

I got spotted by a hot guy while I was arriving at a restaurant with my friend.

At the moment I realized I was being watched I told my friend I was going to the bathroom

He Bumped on me while I was about to arrive at the bathroom. And by “mistake” his hand touched my dick. It got hard almost immediately!

He said he was sorry, but I couldn’t contain my dick growing inside my panties. He saw that bulge getting bigger and bigger, and I could see his face getting surprised.

For sure he tough I was a cisgender girl, but he couldn’t resist it. That is when he asked my name. It was the smallest conversation I ever ha!. I of course gave him my name and number, but while I was spelling the numbers he then kissed me against the wall.

We then enter the bathroom. He pulled my dress up and with his hand he felt my black cock, hard, trying to escape from its prison, and get free into his mouth.

He went down on his knees and sucked my black tranny dick all the way. Lucky there was no one in the bathroom, but he didn’t care.

It was so good to feel his lips around my cock, making me scared and horny at the same time, while he masturbated his dick constantly and nonstop.

It didn’t take long for us to cum at the same time. He swallowed every single drop of my milk, and then kissed me saying thank you for the lovely dessert!

I just loved it! This is how I looked after he left me in the bathroom (video).

3 thoughts on “Trans Woman – Sex in the Bathroom

  1. Steven says:

    What a lovely,spicy story.It turned me on instantly.Having never before with a transexual, I would love to get first time experience with Luly.

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