Who Is Luly Brazil?

My Trans Girl Life

   My name is Luly. I’m a Trans girl. Born In a humble city in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. My city is the second biggest city in the whole state, and also one of the most violent ones.
    It didn’t take much for me to realize I was a trans woman. Since I was born, I always knew I was special, that something was different in me, in my mind, in my heart. During my childhood,  I was very popular between friends and other kids. I was a leader in the school, part of the band also made part of the church choir.
    My transition started around 17 -18  years old, and after I started to change, and many things also changed with it. But Many things changed when society started to see the special things I knew I had in me. Because of this transition, I lost family and friends’ friendship. People started to see me not as special as I was still seeing myself, and also treated me different, even though I was still the same person.
Luly Brazil Transgender Woman

Luly Brazil

Luly Brazil Art

Luly Brazil

    Life wasn’t easy or pretty anymore, but I didn’t give up! I started to focus on the people that were still around me. Those people were the ones that matter the most. That was the good side of having a huge family with more than 15 uncles and around 31 cousins (last time I counted ). I was very poor but I was happy, there were all for me.
    My wish was to keep on trying to be outside as special as I was inside, but I also wanted my outside to reflect the beauty I had in me. So I started my hormones, and it worked!  I finally became the Trans Woman I wanted to be.  Although with it came many aspects that only other transgender girl like me would understand. I found out that Brazil was the country that kills more Transgender Girls In the world. I lived the prejudice, violence, unfortunately, I was pimped out, and sold from other Ts girls. These things came also with the change. But I didn’t give up!
    I graduated as a school teacher, but people didn’t want to hire me, then I graduate as a fashion designer, and unfortunately, I experienced transphobia from the fashion LGBT community at the time. So when I was tired of all that. I decided to find a job that no one could ever be able to fire or not accept me for being Ts. I taught myself English and became a Camgirl. Finally this was the first job that changed my life and made me happy to be who I was. With it, I bought my house, I improved my knowledge, I made part of my dreams come true. Finally I found that I belong somewhere.
    During the time I became one of the most famous TS Camgirl Online. I was for years between the Top Tranny CamGirls at LiveJasmin.com. It was amazing!  But nothing is forever, and because of some sad events that happened I changed my line of work again and reinvent myself. I chose to work again with what I had been forced to do before, this time I do it for myself. Today I’m a Professional Ts Companionship (Escort).
    I meet amazing people that I already knew from the virtual shows in real life, making their experience even better. And new amazing people who love to visit and spoil me. I was able to travel the whole world to places like Greece, Scotland- Glasgow, London – England, Brussels – Belgium, Portugal – Lisbon, and other amazing places in Europe
    I did acquire amazing experiences, that made me today a High-Class Escort. Who isn’t ashamed of who she is, and not afraid of making the difference. A Worldwide Escort who want to be happy and make a difference in other peoples life.
   I thank the people who supported me until today. Now I’m able to support my family and I’m happy to make their lives better.
But who is Luly Brazil? A Black Trans Woman who toke the rocks that people threw and made her Castel, and from the lemons that people were pushing down to her throat made a sweet lemonade.

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  1. Yukel says:

    All tough => although

    Hole state => whole state – was that intentional Luly? 🤪

    higher me => hire me – close

    amazing peoples = amazing people

    You’re welcome princess kissable 🙏🏻

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